Favad Bajaria founded Bajaria Law Firm, PC to serve small and medium-sized clients in the Dallas, Houston, and Austin metropolitan areas. Favad Bajaria’s vision for Bajaria Law is to serve as business boutique law firm that is focused on providing legal services in the areas of corporate, real estate, tax, and business litigation for small and medium-sized businesses.

Prior to founding Bajaria Law, Favad Bajaria worked at the Dallas offices of large law firms. Favad Bajaria’s aim is to provide clients with the same level of sophisticated legal services that they may expect from a large law firm in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Please visit the Who We Are page to learn more about Favad Bajaria’s background.

At Bajaria Law, we understand small businesses face legal and business issues that are complex and interrelated.  Business problems often cannot easily be broken down as a corporate issue or a litigation issue; comprehensive and general legal counsel is imperative.  Favad Bajaria founded Bajaria Law to serve as a complete partner to small businesses to provide them general, as well as specific, counsel and legal services.  For a list of specific services, please visit our What We Do section.

Along with the savings created by a small firm cost structure, Bajaria Law offers clients flexible billing options and attempts to tailor legal representation to suit the requirements of the client.  We also handle a wide-variety of issues to ensure that clients’ matters are not unnecessarily overstaffed.  To the extent we cannot resolve a matter, we have an extensive network of professionals with whom we work.  Please visit the Who You Are section to learn more about some of the clients we work for.

In an effort to keep our clients updated with relevant legal and business developments, we will endeavor to post relevant content on our Blog.