Business Litigation

Business Litigation is a fact of business life in the United States. If you are in business long enough, odds are you will find yourself in situations where a lawsuit is filed against you or your company, or you will need to file a lawsuit against some other entity. Often, clients approach us with fear and confusion when the prospect of a lawsuit is raised—we always take time to educate our clients regarding the law at issue and their potential exposure.

At Bajaria Law, we understand that many clients do not want to spend time in court, so we try to reach effective settlements to help get cases resolved and avoid court all together. But, sometimes there is no option but to engage in litigation due to the actions of the other side. In these circumstances, we pursue aggressive tactics to ensure success for our clients. Make no mistake about it, litigation is high-stakes battling; you need to make sure you hire competent representation. The best time to connect with Bajaria Law is before a lawsuit is filed.

Our prices and billing structures are reasonable. We request low retainers, try to resolve cases effectively, avoid useless disputes with the other side, and always educate and inform our clients as to where we are in the case and what their options are. We understand that prosecuting and defending lawsuits are business decisions at the end of the day.


  • Represented employer against employees in a class action Fair Labor Standards Act case in Federal Court involving a substantial amount in damages.
  • Represented landlord in obtaining successful judgment against tenant for breach of lease and damages to property.
  • Represented tenant in defending against breach of contract by arguing mitigation of damages and successfully negotiating favorable settlement.
  • Represented lender in foreclosure action of a commercial property.
  • Represented client in defending a preference action brought by Trustee in bankruptcy case involving real estate.
  • Represented buyer in a dispute with the escrow company and seller of real estate.
  • Represented minority shareholder against majority shareholder group to enforce minority shareholders’ rights in internal shareholder dispute.
  • Obtained receivership in a business dispute and assisted facilitating a successful sale of business on behalf of a shareholder.
  • Represented clients against collection actions brought by the Texas Attorney General’s Office on behalf of various state and local agencies.
  • Represented business owner in a personal injury claim brought against company by a customer.
  • Represented gas station owner in prosecuting negligence claims against jobber for placing incorrect fuel in gas tank.