No two businesses are alike, so it doesn’t make sense for their legal strategies to be alike. Bajaria Law rejects a one-size-fits-all approach to business law, and will first seek to understand your business to formulate a legal strategy and billing arrangement uniquely suited for your business. Although we understand the billable hour approach often used for legal billing, we work with our clients to craft alternative billing strategies that are best suited for our client’s unique needs.

From the budding startup to the seasoned medium-sized business, Bajaria Law helps businesses grow by providing quality and efficient legal services. Although we work with clients throughout the country, our focus is practicing in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston markets.

Below are a few examples of businesses that work with Bajaria Law

Businesses that buy and sell real estate.

Every real estate transaction is unique—yet extremely important. Bajaria Law provides counseling and transactional services to ensure that the negotiations, due diligence, financing, and closing of your real estate transaction goes smoothly.

Businesses that deal with contracts with multiple vendors or tenants.

Bajaria Law takes the time to understand your business, and assists clients with drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and defending contracts and leases to make sure our clients are well represented.

Businesses with many employees.

If your business employs a large number of people, you will inevitably encounter situations where you need sophisticated legal counsel. Bajaria Law provides counseling, transactional, and litigation-avoidance strategies to companies with many employees.

Businesses that are involved in many lawsuits.

Bajaria Law develops efficient, macro-legal strategy to ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls related to frequent litigation. We also counsel clients regarding litigation-avoidance strategies. To the extent lawsuits occur, and sometimes they are inevitable, we endeavor to efficiently resolve lawsuits with favorable results for our clients.

Businesses that deal with frequent cash transactions.

Bajaria Law realizes that some businesses engage in more cash transactions than others. We work with our clients to ensure appropriate tax planning measures are in place.

Businesses that hire and manage several lawyers and law firms.

Bajaria Law serves as outside counsel for several established individuals and medium-sized business clients. We are your go-to law firm and field all of your questions and concerns. As your company’s chief outside counsel, we want to make sure that legal services related to your company are as efficient as possible.

Businesses that are just starting—but plan to grow.

Bajaria Law is a start-up company itself. Accordingly, we excel at working with start-ups to identify the best way to organize and incorporate their emerging venture, plan financing strategies, and identify preliminary intellectual property issues.